Wednesday, June 26 Day 4

Wednesday, June 26 Day 4

 Last Instructional Day

 Please check the lost and found tables and please make sure your locker is cleaned out before you leave and take the lock.

  Please clean out your gym lockers but leave your lock on you locker with the door open. Gym locks do not go Home.

 Yearbooks are on sale now and they have arrived! You can purchase them from Mme. McLellan today as recess. We still have a few left from last year if you want one of those

 9:05am -Grade Nine Rehearsal all grade 9’s will go to 1st period class attendance then there will be announcement to come to the gym

 At the end of the day report cards will be go home with Grade 7-8 students. There will be a table in the lobby that the report cards can also be picked up on Thursday and Friday.

7:00 pm- Grade 9 Closing