Friday, May 31 Day 1

Friday, May 31 Day 1
McLellan’s single A Girls football team will have practice Monday from 5:45-6:45. All players are required to attend.
Saturday June 1, 2019
June 1, 2019
Track Schedule
The admission for each day, Saturday, is $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for students.   Youth under 12 are free. There will be no charge for coaches, athletes or officials. Please advise parents of this.
Track events will take place in the following order- novice girls/novice boys/bantam girls/bantam boys/intermediate girls/intermediate boys/juvenile girls/juvenile boys/ senior girls/ senior boys
Saturday, June 1
9:15 am – 1000/1200/1500 Meter final
10:30 am – 4 x 100 Meter Relay
11:05 am – 60/80/100m Heats
11:40 am – 300/400 Meter Timed Finals
12:25 pm – 60/80/100m Finals
1:00 pm – 150/200 Meter Heats
1:45 pm – 600/800 Meter Final
2:30 pm – 150/200 Meter Final

Field Events Schedule

9:45 a.m               Bantam Girls High Jump
                               Bantam Boys Shot Put
                               Intermediate Girls Triple Jump
                               Senior Girls Discus
                               Senior Boys Long Jump

Intermediate Boys Javelin


10:30 a.m.             no events due to relays

11:15 a.m.             Novice Boys High Jump (Pit 1)
                              Bantam Girls Long Jump
                               Bantam Boys Discus
                             Intermediate Boys High Jump (Pit 2)

Intermediate Girls Javelin

Juvenile Boys Shotput

12:00 pm             Novice Girls Shotput

Bantam Boys Long Jump

                            Intermediate Girls High Jump (Pit 1)
                            Intermediate Boys Triple Jump

Senior Boys Discus

Juvenile Girls High Jump (Pit 2)

12:45 pm           Novice Girls High Jump (Pit 1)

Novice Boys Long Jump

                               Bantam Girls Shot Put
                               Bantam Boys Triple Jump
                              Intermediate Boys Discus

Juvenile Boys High Jump (Pit 2)


1:30 p.m.               Novice Girls Long Jump
                               Novice Boys shot put
                               Intermediate Girls Discus
                               Intermediate Boys Long Jump
                               Senior Girls High Jump

Juvenile Girls Triple Jump

2:15 p.m.               Bantam Girls Triple Jump

Bantam Boys High Jump (Pit 1)

                               Intermediate Girls Long Jump
                               Intermediate Boys Shot Put
                               Senior Boys High Jump (Pit 2)


3:00 p.m.                Bantam Girls Discus
                               Senior Girls Long Jump

Intermediate Girls shotput

Juvenile Boys Triple Jump



Upcoming Dates

June 26, 2019 – Last Instructional Day- Grade 9 Closing 7pm