February 9, 2017
Day 5
 All after school extracurricular activities in the Public Schools Branch will be cancelled for today. 
The 5on 5 intermural basketball is starting today at lunch. Check bulletin board to check and see which team you are on and when you play

Staff appreciation week is next week and Parent council is asking for help to provide a meal to the staff.  Parents/guardians are urged to contact Kelly Shea Rayner or Sandy MacCallum through facebook if they are willing to contribute.
Kelly Shea Rayner

Reminder to students who are wishing to participate in the “Arts Before Dark” painting session on Thursday, February 16th, 3:15-4:45, forms need to be handed in to Mrs. Corcoran ASAP. (The students who have shown interest in this have already taken forms home to be signed) Thanks.

 Any students interested in learning how to make 2D video games are invited to an after-school program called Game Force. The program starts February 13th and runs for the week (from 3:10-5:10). Please see Mr. Robertson for more information or to sign up for Game Force.  game-force

Any grade 9 students who would like to have their baby picture in the yearbook please submit to Ms. McQuillan in the room 307

February 10, 2017

No school for students Provincial Professional Development Day