November 23, 2016
Day 5 
·         There will be no recess intramural’s today.
·         3:15pm-4:30pm Senior Band
·         3:45pm-5:15pm Basketball girls A practice
·         4pm Basketball Boys AA game at ME Callaghan Bus will take them to the game. They will need own transportation home.
·         Mr. Craig’s 9B Math and Physed classes will swap times due to the gym availability. The 9A physed class will meet in room 205 please be changed.
·         Mr. Craig’s 8A and Mrs. Gorrill 8C physed will be in Room 205. Please bring something to write with.
·         9C will have LA 3rd Period and social Studies 6th.
·         If anyone had provincial library cards, library applicants or app on your phone please stop by library and Miss. MacMillian.