February 10, 2016
Day 1

  • Basketball
    • Wednesday February 10, 2016
      • Boys AA Home game vs SIS 4:30pm
      • Girls A home game vs. SIS at 6pm
    • Thursday February 11, 2016
      • Boys AA Practice 3:15-5pm
    • Friday February 12, 2016
    • Personal Electronic Device Agreements are due to homeroom teachers. Cell phones are not allowed to be used as all forms are not handed in yet.
    • Forbes will be taking orders for Pink Shirts for the Annual Pink shirt day on February 24th. Shirts are $5 till February 12, 2016 and proceeds go toward supporting children and youth in positive anti –bulling programs.
    • Forbes will hosting counselor’s corner every day 1. Any students who would like to drop into the counseling area for quiet games and activities are welcome.
    • Band will be Wednesday Feb 10th till 4:30
    • Homework club will be Wednesday Feb 10th till 4pm.
    • Summerside Western Capital Art Drawing Contest for Grade 7-8’s details Click here  for Information Summerside Western Capitals Art Drawing Contest
    • Active Parenting.Invites