Information re: bussing from ELSB

Westisle Family of Schools

Message to Parents

December 15, 2014

In response to the road closures in West Prince the English Language School Board met with Bus Drivers and Principals of the Westisle Family of Schools to develop alternate bus routes where necessary.  Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal was consulted to ensure all roads were safe for school bus travel.

School buses will be on the road picking up students Tuesday morning, December 16.

The majority of students will be picked up at their regular bus stop by their regular driver.  Parents are asked to have their children ready for their scheduled pickup time but should be prepared for delays of up to 30 minutes due to road closures and detours.  These delays could happen for morning pickup and afternoon drop off.  We expect these delays to decrease as drivers and students become more familiar with the new bus routes and as roads re-open.

Schools will contact parents of all children who require an alternate bus plan (e.g. different bus stop, different driver).

Parents are advised that as we work through implementing new bus routes, changes may be required. Required changes will be communicated to parents as quickly as possible.

To accommodate efficient transfer of students, Alberton Elementary students will dismiss 10 minutes early until further notice.

The English Language School Board would like to thank parents for their cooperation and patience. A special thanks to bus drivers, principals, and all staff for their professionalism and input to ensure the safe transportation of our students.

The public is asked to be cautious when traveling as we anticipate more school bus traffic on secondary roads due to detours.

As always, please respect the red and amber flashing lights of all school buses.