Information re: School on Monday

Message for Parents:

The ELSB advises that the Westisle Family of schools will be open for classes on Monday, December 15.

Buses will not operate on Monday.

All parents are responsible for arranging transportation on Monday only. The ELSB understands that some students may not be able to attend due to road conditions in their area.

The Board will determine alternate busing for the next few weeks while roads are being repaired and re-opened. Confirmation of busing will be made as soon as possible – no later than 6:00am on Tuesday.

**At Hernewood, we want to ensure the safety of everyone during the drop off and pick up of the students. Some staff will be in the parking lot to help direct the traffic.

Drop off times: 8:20-8:45am. Sign in is not required by the parent. If students arrive later than 8:45am, they sign in themselves at the office.

Dismissal is at 3:10 pm. If students are getting picked up by someone other than the parents, we would appreciate having a note indicating who your child is leaving with. An email to me at would also work. The fewer the phone calls with permission to pick up, the better, as we expect it to be a bit chaotic during the drop offs and pick ups 😉

We appreciate you patience and support as we undergo some of these changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.