History & Travel Fundraiser

Hernewood History and Travel is beginning its 3rd fundraiser of Raffle Tickets starting today.  The end date is Tuesday, April 22 and the draw date will be Wednesday, April 23.

Dates for collecting the tickets and money will be before homeroom time in the library (classroom end) on the following dates: April 3, 7, 9, 11, 14, 17, and 22.

Important Notes:

  • NO CASH-either cheque or money order payable to Hernewood Intermediate School.  Please make a note on the cheque regarding students name and for tickets.
  • Students can take a maximum of two books of tickets at a time, unless you want to pre-pay for extras. (For example:  if you want 5 booklets you would have to bring in $75.00 to cover the 3 extra booklets.)
  • All members must sell two books ($50.00).  This goes towards the expense to the club.  After you pass in the $50.00 the rest of the fundraising money will go back to you.
  • Your first two books, that student’s receive today are to be returned by April 9th.