Basketball Tournament Info.

Wednesday, February 5th Hernewood is hosting the Elementary Girls’ Basketball Tournament.  As space is very limited, Hernewood students will not be permitted into the gym area unless they are signed out by a parent/guardian

The only entry to the school will be around the back door which leads into the gym.  No one will be permitted to enter through the front doors and lobby.  Once inside the school all parents, players, coaches and fans will NOT be allowed to leave the gym area through the front lobby and Hernewood students will not be allowed to enter the gym area.  That means you will not have access to the lobby or cafeteria so please ensure your students have what they need for the day before they arrive at the school.

The leadership students are in charge of the parking so please follow their instruction as the buses will have to leave the school before the tournament is over.  Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter! Have a great day and enjoy the tournament:)