Wednesday, June 12 Day 4

  • NOTE:  The softball provincials will take place Thursday, June 13th in Summerside weather permitting.  The girls will be leaving the school at 12:00 pm and playing their first game at 1:30 pm.
  • Recycle School Supplies- Starting June 17th, when students start to clean out their lockers, they can place any unwanted items in the “Blue Recycle Bins” located in the locker room. The Leadership Class will sort the items that will be donated to charities over the summer and next year! This past year, we had 2 community groups go through our supplies. 5 boxes of supplies were then shipped to students in Africa. Please let your home room know of this activity and the impact of what their donations can do to help others.
  • 8A and 9A Healthy Living classes – Don’t forget the ingredients for your pizza on Thursday.  Talk to your group so that you know what to bring.
  • The grade 9’s will be writing their math assessment on Monday, June 17th in the morning.
  • The award ceremony will take place at 2:20 pm on Monday, June 17th.  This is open to the public.