History and Travel ~ Fundraiser!

Hernewood History and Travel Fundraiser History and Travel will be selling tickets for a weekend getaway to Moncton for a family of 4. This will be the last fundraiser before the trip. The prize includes: 2 nights stay at the Ramada Crystal Palace in Moncton, 1 family day pass to Crystal Palace, $100.00, Food credit to McGinnis Restaurant, $20.00 Empire Movie pass, Bridge pass and $100.00 Gas card.

Draw is April 23rd!

 Each student MUST sell 1 book (5 tickets=$25.00). Any other tickets sold will go directly to the student. Students who do not sell 1 book (5 tickets), $25.00 will be deducted from their prior fundraising or students will be asked to pay $25.00 to cover the cost of the trip. EX: You sell 5 tickets, Cost is $25.00 =you make $0. You sell 10 tickets. Cost is $50.00= you make $25.00. You sell 20 tickets, Cost is $100.00= you make $75.00. Each student may sign out 10 tickets=$50.00. Tickets and money MUST be returned before more are signed out. Students are responsible for the cost of any lost or misplaced tickets. In order to assist students in the sale of tickets, time has been booked at the O’Leary Farmer’s Co-op, Alberton Save-Easy and during the Hernewood Parent Teacher interviews. Students MUST sign up for available times at the locations listed with Ms. Holly Betts or Mrs. Gorrill by Wednesday, April 4th. ALL TICKETS MUST BE RETURNED BY APRIL 18th. Any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Holly Betts or Mrs. Kelly Gorrill (859-8710)